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Maxis Broadband
As of time of writing, Maxis has the widest high speed coverage in the country (despite longstanding self proclaimation of the same by Celcom).  Where 3G/HSPA connection is not available, EDGE or GPRS connection come into action. Performance had been bad in the past, but with recent multi-million ringgit investments into its broadband services, Maxis has emerged with some of the greatest download and upload speeds ever seen. It is not an excessive assumption to think that all major towns, and even smaller towns (pekan) are covered in high speed HSPA. With exception of some postpaid packages, and of course where HSPA is not available, average speeds of above 3Mbps approaching the full theoretical maximum of 7.2Mbps can be expected. In urban areas, this can be a bit slower. Overall connection quality tends to be stable. Maxis was also the first to offer HS(U)PA, meaning a high upload speed as well. I have seen upload speeds reaching as high as 2.9Mbps.

One major gripe that most people have with Maxis is the rather skimpy data allocation for the prices being charged. Check out the comparatively speaking page, where all celcos are compared against each other.

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Resource: Coverage Map
Resource: Maxis first service provider to surpass 5,000 3G sites across West and East Malaysia

Prepaid Packages

Maxis Prepaid Package - Starter SIM packs can be bought in two (2) ways:
  1. The Maxis Prepaid Broadband Internet SIM pack (RM 20.00):
    This comes preloaded with 3 days (+1 free) access and 2GB data allowance; if you exhaust your data allocation or exceed the validity period, you will have to reload and subscribe in the same way as (2) below. If you don't already have a dongle, you could opt to buy the complete starter pack that also comes with a Huawei E1552 USB HSDPA modem for RM 138.00
  2.  or you could just buy a Hotlink Mobile starter pack (RM 8.50):
    This Sim pack is primarily a prepaid voice package, and comes with an RM 5.00 credit; however one could use the same SIM for Internet access via a USB dongle.
For both packages above, the following table summarises the data plansMaxfdvnfxdlkbvnfdnbvl,fd you could subscribe to (access the subscription menu by typing *100# on the USSD menu of your phone or modem dashboard software - search for Prepaid Broadband). Reloading DOES NOT mean automatic subscription. You could use Hotlink's reload coupon to top-up the value of your package and subsequently choose any of the following plans.  For usage via Hotlink SIM pack, DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO A PLAN FIRST, otherwise you will find your credit being drained rather quickly at a rate of 10 sen per 10kb.

Data Allocation
Subscription Price
1 DAY 0.5GB RM8
2 DAYS 0.5GB RM10
7 DAYS 2.0GB RM25
30 DAYS 1.5GB RM58
30 DAYS 3.5GB RM70
30 DAYS 6.0GB RM90
30 DAYS 15.0GB RM200

Postpaid Packages

The following  table summarises the postpaid packages available. All packages come with free modems, which is great. Do note that the prepaid packages above offer slightly better value than their postpaid packages!

Monthly Subscription
Maximum Speed
Data AllocationDepositContract PeriodFree Modem ?
Lite RM 48.00 512kbps1.5GBRM1006 months (make contract-free via additional RM100)E1552
Swift RM 58.00 1.0Mbps1.5GB
Power RM 68.00 7.2Mbps3.0GBE1762
Freedom RM 98.00 7.2Mbps6.0GB
Ultimate RM 198.00 7.2Mbps12.0GB
Upgrade the E1552 to E1762 for RM100; Upgrade the E1762 to MiFi E5832 for RM 100 + RM 280

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